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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


With Thanksgiving behind us many of us are now gearing up for Christmas. My tree is up, though I need to finish decorating it...outside lights up.
While we did have Bailey last year during Christmas he was just a puppy....I opted to not put up a tree. So, this will be his first time around a tree. He has sniffed it but that is all.

I have many ornaments and other interesting things that hang on the tree...I will have to pay close attention to both him and Rocky for ornaments swallowed can indeed be dangerous for our furry friends....and tinsel is a big no no. Using coated wire you can easily secure your ornaments to the tree to ensure your furry friends safety. please know if your not paying attention, well I have heard many a tale of pets knocking the tree that as well ;-)

What's On Dee's Plate

OK....I admit it, I am not really crazy about Turkey, still each and every year I purchase a fresh bird, a rather large bird at that. This year I hosted my family. Six adults...after dinner, before desert the leftovers are put away, the meat is removed from the carcass everything gets placed in the refrigerator. You NEVER throw away the carcass. From that the most hearty soup can be made.

Come Friday morning a rather large pot is placed on the stove....the turkey carcass is added....lots of broth...onions, celery carrots & some garlic. It simmers the reminder of the day....lunch...turkey sandwich, dinner, leftovers from Thanksgiving....that is the end of the turkey for the reminder, and there is still a good bit left is added to the soup....along with the leftover gravy.

Once the soup is done all bones removed, remainder of turkey meat added, gravy added and frozen veggies.
This is why I make a Turkey each and every year....nothing like a great big bowl of turkey soup.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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