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Friday, November 20, 2009

Canine see, Canine do...

Having four dogs in the pack is sooo much fun....and sooooooooo much work. I am typing that with a huge smile on my face for I in no way mean that as a complaint, although...there are such moments... every now and again.

Today happened to be bath day for two lucky pups. A "younger" me would have had them groomed and bathed all within an I brushed all four and bathed two.
I dragged the booster bath out into the driveway. For those of you with bad backs....or just tired of bending this doggie bath tub is very much worth the money. Once the tub was set up I brought out a little stool, set up the drier, placed several towels on the stool...rolled up my selves...ready for the first dog....Niki.

She is so easy...once the final rinse is over she is ready to run around...shaking...shaking and more shaking. Then her most favorite....being towel dried....she loves it.

Rocky....oh my...he has soooo much coat. It takes a long time to do a good rinsing on him....and the drying, well my hands will be sore for a few days. His favorite part is the bath itself. He would prefer to air dry however he has so much coat he would never dry, best to use the pet dryer for him.

Once the dogs are almost completely dry we headed out back for some late afternoon fun.
There is a distraction in our yard this fall... lots of pine cones and acorns have been scattered about.
Pine cones are fun for the dogs....though I go around picking the majority will get passed me and they will chew, play with it....taking turns....I oversee making sure no one is ingesting....they are distracted and it is tossed if I notice someone trying to eat it....usually Bailey....Niki.
There of course are dangers in allowing your dogs to eat pine cones as they can cause obstruction in the intestines.

The acorns found under the oak tree is of much concern for these are indeed can they also cause obstructions in the intestines. The toxins can cause vomiting, diarrhea to more serious... kidney failure. Also....if like me you have an oak tree in your yard, make sure that oak leaves do not get in your dogs water dish as this can cause oak poisoning. Not the tree of choice for a yard with dogs....mine came with the house.

It started with one dog...Gemma finds these little morsels tasty...then Niki showed an interest....and now all feel the need to have a taste. Canine see, Canine do!
I have my work cut out for me....thankfully, I have noticed less of them falling.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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