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Friday, November 6, 2009

Dog Chatter....

Before veiwing the video please turn the music to the web site off. To the right scroll down to Dee's Playlist on the right side of the page.

Finally, several days of cooler temps. Air turned opened and fresh air in....lovely. It was so nice that the dogs and I took several me, they so enjoy the cooler temps.

As I put this little video together I smiled....I often chat with my dogs. Since it is just the dogs and I a good part of the day...well it helps me. I no doubt outsiders roll their eyes and think it is time to call the funny farm...but I am not at all crazy...well in other areas of my life no doubt ;-), not when it comes to the dogs.

It is how we communicate, and realize that our furry friends do indeed have a clue. As the human/canine relationship grows and the bond strengthens the level of communication improves. Think about it....your furry friends are very good at getting what they need, want from you....just by way of a certain look, whimper, bark....whine, meow. So too does our furry friends learn to hear the tone of our voice...they learn the meaning of certain words...and of course they are masters at reading our body language!!
I so love to crank the radio up and dogs love, to my dogs singing is like an human ears...finger nails on a chalk board... I promise to NEVER video tape my singing...cross my heart ;-)

So...wondering, just how many of you talk to your furry friends??


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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