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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Dogs...

Upon my arrival home this afternoon the dogs were so quiet/ calm as I made my way through the house...letting each dog out of the crates, one at a time. They know if they fuss a bit they will have to wait to be released....and they soooo want to go have some fun. Such a wonderful way to teach them to be calm when you arrive home....all about timing and when to open the crate door....just wait for them to be calm, they catch on very quickly.
Excitement was in the air....Play time.

Before we actually got to have fun...Poor Rocky has been dealing with ear problems since being down here, last few days they had gotten so bad, especially one. He was one miserable pup yesterday....following me around, tail tucked under, head cocked a interest in play. I whipped up a batch of the Blue Ear Solution and after 24 hours....using it twice a day he is once again wagging that tail, showed some interest in playing with Bailey this afternoon. Keeping a close eye on this for it can go into the inner ear will I have to continue cleaning them out twice daily for a little longer.

When cleaning their ears you should never spray, or pour ear solution into the ear canal....easier method is soaking a cotton ball, lifting the ear flap, gently lay the cotton ball there, lowering the flap and again, gently massaging. Then wiping out all of the crevices with the cotton ball, then allowing the dog to shake before gently drying the flaps with a clean, soft dry cloth.

After they had several good romps....a game or two of chase, Frisbee, ball then just wandering about...taking in all of the scents in the yard....then finally....all joined me in the shade where we sat and just enjoyed the reminder of the afternoon....very happy dogs.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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