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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Carol...

"Tis the season and we made this little Christmas Carol just for you ;-)

The other day as I was going through boxes for Holiday decorations for the tree I ran across the Hallmark snowman and dog singing Jingle Bells stuffed toy (batteries not included). I fell in love with it several years ago and just had to have it...still the same batteries I originally put in...still working.

While Bailey was part of the pack last year....he was just a little pup so this year we are being extra careful with all decorations for the tree. Everything catches his eye and is new and interesting.
I placed the stuffed toy on the floor and allowed everyone to sniff....then turned it on.
Oh my....he sang right along with it....barking howling...the other dogs looked at him as though he had lost his mind.

Interesting in that Bailey seems to have the ability to hear things the others do not...and while I no doubt some of the things he hears are indeed his imagination....he hears better then the others. Also, in cleaning, touching his ears are much more sensitive as well so I am not at all surprised to his reactions to it.

He is very much a talker...when he is happy or excited he tells a good tale and can be pretty loud. This afternoon I once again introduced it to the pack this time camera ready.
When he realized I was not going to allow him to "Have " he so tried to "ignore it....but so anticipated the ending.

So, if you like Goldens....sit back and enjoy....I am sure it will make you smile. if you turn the sound to the player on the site off. Scroll down, on the right you will see Dee's Playlist...then the player itself.


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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