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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What"s for lunch??

I remember when I was a young girl in school, I brought my own lunch to school most of the time. The beginning of each week I would check the lunch ca lander and on those days that sloppy joes were being served...I brought lunch money. I LOVED sloppy least once monthly they were on the menu twice in a week...yep, good eats!!!

I am not a big beef eater, however I do enjoy an occasional steak (fillet Mignon) and of course a sloppy joe. Today I was so craving one, I had purchased a kaiser roll over the weekend and placed in the that out this morning to defrost, then warmed the oven and toasted just before the sloppy joe mixture was down to the business of cutting up onion, peppers and garlic (three). Saute in a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil...adding the garlic when peppers and onions are soft.
I use whole tomatoes, you can use a blender....or do as I in a bowl and with clean hands squish. I use about a cup....I also add a little brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and one chipotle pepper (in adobe sauce)....I add one tbl of the adobe sauce. In another pan I brown lean ground round, then with a slotted spoon add to the sauce, peppers and onions....simmer. Good stuff ;-)

The dogs are not far from me when I am in the kitchen cooking...they find the best location with a good eye view, one never knows when the chef will drop some tasty morsel.
As I was finishing up preparing my lunch...I needed a few ice cubes for my drink. All of the Goldens I have ever had have so loved ice cubes....Rocky and Bailey are no different. Niki enjoys to lick a cube and will wait patiently in her crate for you to give her one. Please know that I am not at all recommending you give your dogs ice cubes...please be aware that they can cause damage to your dogs teeth so please be mindful.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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