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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumnal Equinox...

Yesterday was the first day of fall. I so love fall, the changing of the leaves, all of the wonderful colors and the best....wonderful brisk mornings. I will have to get accustomed to fall in FL. They too have a fall, though not what I am accustomed too.
In celebration of the Autumnal Equinox I made a pot of veggie soup. The temperature was in the 80's....still with the arrival of fall I so crave all those wonderful one pot meals.

Today I was so busy....pc work, running errands...I noticed the time and realized I had not yet had lunch....3:30 in the though 80 something degrees outside I warmed up some of that homemade soup....delicious.

It was then I looked over to the dogs....oh my, they play pitiful very well. Time to take the reminder of the day off and just hang out with the dogs...hey, they forced me to ;-)
Tomorrow is another day!

After a good romp all just found a place and rested in the shade...we watched as several birds wandered around the lake, a few hawks put on a show for did several butterflies pass by.

I sat for a while looking up at the sky...great time of day....sun peaking in between the branches of the trees...wonderful light. As I looked down, where each dog was resting I could not help but smile. Each had the look of being content, happiness.

If you have not sat outside looking up at the sky...remember when we were kids and we would see shapes in the clouds....some of the most amazing things are right there....if only we would take the time to look.

The image below is for Angie, Donna's friend.
A simple meal of NY strip steak, steamed broccoli and roasted fingerling potato's.
I love to have a good steak once in a while. The great thing about NY strip is it is usually too big for one sitting so you then have a salad to look forward to the following day.

When cooking your steak make sure it is room temputure, seasoned and a little olive oil drizzled and rubbed in. The grill must be hot....or if cooking on your stove as mine was, it must be hot. Depending on thickness determines if you must place in the oven for further cooking.

I'll post about the homemade soup on another day!!!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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