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Monday, September 14, 2009

A clean house and dogs....

After a long day...I am sitting and sipping a lovely glass of white wine, feet up...looking around at my clean house.

I only had a few things on my to do list...groom the dogs...only four in the pack, thought I could manage, however my my hands just could not hang onto the brush. The dogs soooo need their nails done, sadly this will have to wait for another day when my hands are not as sore.

I looked around the house and just moved on to things that I would have the ability to accomplish.When you share your heart and home with a pack of dogs....well there is always something to clean....there are always fur balls "billowing" about. The ceiling fans must be cleaned often and of course the floors must also be cleaned must not forget the doggie artwork found on sliding glass my house the front door has a panel of windows on each side....always dog art there. Doggie art work can also be found in the dining room and living room....for the wood flooring shows off the drool marks. Having them around indeed always gives me something to do.

I am not a big fan of commercial cleaners and chemicals. They cause me to have breathing difficulties....since they effect me that way I am always concerned about the dogs for they so breath in everything and their senses are so much more sensitive then mine.
So, I started making up fresh batches of toilet bowl cleaner (borax, vinegar, dish soap, a few drops of each, sweet orange and lavender essential oils). I mix it in a measuring cup....then pour in the bowls and let it sit for a few hours....the smell is wonderful (lid closed). I then mixed up some floor cleaner....borax, vinegar the same essential oils. After vacuuming the floor were wiped down. I also mixed up a fresh batch of carpet powder. I only use this once in a while...and very sparingly....baking soda....a few drops of sweet orange and lavender....must be kept in a cool dark place for a few days before using.

These days it takes me longer to do things due to my I worked and cleaned up after the dogs, all dog beds in the wash....crates wiped down....whew they really do make me work soooo hard. While we had several outings and a few plays it was not until about 4:30 I decided to take a nice long break. As we head outside I grab the camera....I sit in the Adirondack chair and just relax.

I closed my eyes for a few minutes....listened to the birds, heard the water fountain. After a while I open my eyes to three of the dogs just watching a down all three in a row.
Ok, so I am easy for they made me smile and chuckle. As soon as they saw I was paying attention it was time to run, romp with each taking turns to come to me for a pet and or hug (yep...just a little spoiled).

Yes, they indeed are the cause of lots of extra work...but really, they are so worth it.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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