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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hidden treasures...

Living with Lupus often at times is very number one complaint is that it is just so very difficult to make plans. Then of course there is the pain and discomfort thing...nope, not at all fun.

As with most things in life I have found there is a balance to on a day where no plans were made, hands very sore...I took some anti- inflammatory, picked up my camera, put a few treats in my pocket and headed out side with the puppies.

One of the very first things I ran across was the above Hidden Treasure...I swear he actually posed for me.

My furry pack have learned to sense when things are a bit off with me....they usually give me a bit of time to work  through....find my balance if you will...find something that is a bit awe inspiring and so was a tiny little lizard that, rather then run as they usually do...stuck around and allowed me to be in his space long to capture a lizard doing what lizards do when no one is around.

Then as I turned, there were my pups, rather then trying to get me to throw a ball or Frisbee, they went off on their own...the two females enjoying a moment in the sun....the Goldens a good roll and romp...doing what dogs do.

Hidden treasures are all around need not go far from where you are to find them...just need to take a little time and actually look for them!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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