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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I stare in total disbelief,
heart torn with instant grief.
Plumes of black smoke fill the air,
marking a building no longer there.
I close my eyes, I want to pray,
but my mind doesn't know what to say.
Much like Pearl harbor, so many years ago,
so many gone with one fatal blow.
There are no words to explain,
there are no words to ease the pain.
To those who gave their lives,
Mothers, Fathers, Husbands and Wives,
to all who's lives today did cease,
may your soul find instant peace.
We will honor you and the life you gave,
as a Patriot of "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."
Unknown Author

I awoke to the sounds of the TV that was left on all night....
light streaming through the looked to be a lovely, sunny
Sept. day. As I stretched I started the morning rituals of greeting the dogs that were near and those lazily watching me to see If we would be getting up...finally. Once again I glanced towards the light streaming through the window...guessed It to be around eight...I overslept.
I smiled at the thought of it being a wonderful day...

One of the morning shows was on...I reached for the remote to check the time...It was later then I thought, about 8:35. All the dogs now on or surrounding the bed, Good Mornings are Indeed a happy occasion...I climbed out of bed and shuffled Into the bathroom several of the dogs accompanying me. It was then I realized the sound to the TV...I thought I was misunderstanding until I made It back to the bedroom and watched...In horror.

There on the TV screen one of the Twin Towers burning....was It a bomb,
helicopter, plane...
As I watched...a little after nine another plane hit the other tower. I watched In horror as the realization that these were no accidents, but rather terrorist attacks. Most Americans did not need to be told, we even knew who....idiots who hide behind religion...who believe in hatred, hide in caves have power, control terrorize anyone who believes or lives differently then they.

I realized I was sitting, back in my bed, covered up with my bed sheet, eyes peeking out watching, feelings of fear, helplessness, loss...sympathy...
Having grew up in NY...well, I no doubt most people that lived in NY knew someone that worked in those buildings, or on the police force, fireman...I was no different.

I shut the TV off and headed towards the kitchen as I passed the living room I paused to turn the news on, made some tea.Talks of missing planes, ceasing flights nation wide...third plane crashes in the pentagon....Whitehouse was evacuated. Now, at 10:05 I watch as the south tower collapses...I cry...

The sights of people jumping out broken windows....falling to their death...the huge plumes of smoke, the dust, soot, smoke enveloping the city streets, people
running...running away from the trucks....sirens, firemen, police men going entering those buildings...
things I remember of that day.

10:28...north tower collapses...before that the Pentagon collapsed, a hi jacked plane, Flight 93 crashes into field in Pennsylvania...
the intent was not to crash into
that field...the passengers did their best to either save their own lives or just not allow it to hit another targeted building.

On this day Sept. 11, 2009 I will be stopping lighting a few candles and remembering....remembering all of the Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers... Sons, Daughters...Husband, Wives, Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Friends that woke to a
lovely...sunny Sept. 11th day back in 2001...
A day that started like so many...but ended with so many not coming home...My thoughts and prayers are with all those lost...and their families, to those that were injured......and to those that searched through the wanting to find someone alive, then to just find remains to help identify those lost that day!
I have lit my candles, I am remembering!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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