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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The View...

The above image is a glass of wine... just waiting for me to sit in the chair...quiet, peaceful moment while the dogs are inside eating. A sip of wine while I take in the view from my patio...the sound of the fountain in the middle of the lake (pond)....lovely!

Every evening at 5:15/ 5:30 the pack starts requesting they be fed. Bailey is the I happened to be sitting at the computer when he entered my studio...intently staring at me, moving closer, panting very Loud. I checked the time and yes indeed...5:22. I turn my chair a little and ignore him, not once making eye contact. He really did his best to get me to notice him, but nope, I continued with my work. He eventually gets bored and goes in the hallway and proceeds to nap...Rocky then enters and paces back and forth. Again, I just continue working at the mac...he leaves and then Niki comes in....she is a tad more persistent and can be extremely convincing that she is indeed starving to death. Still, I ignore and soon she just plops down with a very loud sigh. Interestingly enough, since I have carpet she is not allowed in the studio....I know, I am mean. She cannot help it, due to the fact she is partially paralyzed she at times has accidents...I turn to her and point and say she should leave....she is a very well behaved pup and does take instructions well....she leaves. I of course feel so bad every time I have to do Atlanta she has a lovely, comfy bed in my studio...tile flooring that was so much easier to clean the the carpet.

All the while Gemma is under my desk...taking it all in...with each dog that had come in to pester me, when they left we would look at each other and she would slowly wag her tail and I would be smiling. She does not took a very long time for her to ask for any type of attention. Now, she just prefers to rest under my desk... content to just be. I have the feeling she knows when she will be fed and does not worry about such things.

Yes, I did eventually feed the dogs...6:30/ 7:00 is their feeding time, the same just about each and every evening. Oh...and for those feeling so bad for my poor starving, oh so hungry dogs....early on I too thought..."My Goodness...they are so hungry" and did feed them earlier, their pestering ritual
then started at 4:30 ;-)

**A big Thank You to Chris. I am not at all accustomed to people doing something a little extra special for me, I am usually the one doing for others...Please know the updates was very much appreciated!!!!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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