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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Not really itsy bitsy...and I am sure not the spider that the children s little song is about.

Having been raised as a city girl my knowledge on all things found outside, well lets just say I am not into bugs. Years ago I would have marched myself inside and gotten a can of raid and...well you know.

These days I much prefer to photograph...from a distance that is, any bug that comes my way. This spider happens to be a banana spider, yes....they can bite if you bother them. While I have been told that they are poisonous....nothing serious...still, I will keep my distance.

My camera allows me the opportunity to learn about such creatures that are living in my yard. We had them in Atlanta as well and if attached to a tree or bush you can capture the web for it is truly amazing.

No bugs were harmed or killed before, during or after photographing. These days I happily share my space...though best if they stay outside of the house!

Once I spied this beauty I managed to get the dogs inside without them noticing her (pretty large so I guessing she is a female). Grabbed my camera, attached the long lens (yep, I am a weeny) and back out I went. It was between the bush and fence....very close to the fencing so I did the best I could to get a couple of shots....remember I am a weeny and I was not going to go into the bushes for no doubt there are so many creatures I cannot see.

I took my time and watched her a bit, at first she was not happy with my presence but soon just ignored me. While I was using the long lens I did move in closer to admire her work....the webbing was not that large of an area....I'll check in the morning to see if still there.

Upon my walk back to the house I had a funny feeling someone was watching me...looked around and yes, there was Bailey watching from the window and yes, though he could see me from the window I was greeted as though I was
gone forever ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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