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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dinner for one...

Today I spent a good amount of time making several changes to the blog...just little changes, nothing major. I call it housekeeping, getting rid of some of the extras on the sidebar. Mostly just moving things around....the big change is the painting in the heading. No worries, the Golden's are safe and I promise they will be back. It is just nice to change things around once in a while. Of course there were many play breaks throughout for the dogs as well.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping today...well I should have done that on Wed. Not one of my favorite things to do....of course if something for the dogs I manage to get there, for me....well I tend to procrastinate. I find it very challenging when there is barely anything in the house, just coming up with whatever is left.

As I was making my list I was rummaging through the pantry checking to see what I was low on....I ran across a very large, course pink salt. I chuckled and put my list to the side. I had thought I was out of salt....out came the food processor, in went the salt.
I checked one more time...yep, four eggs, two peppers, an onion, still have a few the freezer and yep....some bread. Well, tomorrow is indeed another day....will run to the store then.

As I was busy slicing and dicing the peppers, onion and eyes wandered over to a bottle of wine I received from a dear friend for my 50th birthday...with instructions to save it for a special occasion....hmmmmmm, I wondered would dinner for one be considered a special occasion. Yep!
Rummaged through the draw for the corkscrew and opened the bottle to let it breath.

Placed my bread on top of the oven to defrost, placed the oven on 350. Sauteed my peppers and onions, added some salt, crushed red pepper (I like my peppers and eggs with a little kick)...once the peppers where soft I added the garlic. Cracked open the last four eggs, added a little water...beat and in the pan....bread, sliced open and placed in the poured into my glass.
Dinner for one served, eaten....delicious! As for the wine....smooth and wonderful...I am one happy girl! A huge Thank You to my dear friend Helene!

As for the dogs, there Saturday night usual....kibble with some yogurt....their happy pups!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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