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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bird Watching...

We were up and out early this morning....nice walk, then time in the sipping a nice cup of hot tea and a bit of bird watching....the pups exploring and sniffing. Nice and the sixties and sunny. Loving it!!

Still no let up at the gas stations I am thankful I really have no where to go. I work at home and have been more effected by the economy in general then the gas shortage. I have not encountered the long lines they are showing on TV for it seems I've gotten there when several of the surrounding stations actually had gas...pass again in a couple of hours and you will see these very same stations have no gas. I remember the lines in 70's (yep...that old)...although that was nation wide and this is just a couple of areas through the south east....simply put this gas shortage is due to bad government planning...with some help from Mother Nature (Ike).

Today finds me having to work a bit on the PC...then I will be turning my attention to my office. More specific just what to do with all of the pastels I have been collecting. I had so wanted to see how the pastel artist has her studio set up. My space is so very tiny and I am afraid is pretty full due to all things digital. To learn to use them correctly they must be laid I will try to organize and make room. I am smiling as I type that for I am not a very organized individual.
Will take a few pictures of any progress made....and if time permits a little scribble with the pastels so that I can get into th swing of things.

The above image was actually taken last night and not during our walk or time spent in the yard this morning. Due to low light...iso was set high, shutter speed about 60.


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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