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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Day Sunday...

The gas stations still either have no gas, or are putting limits on amounts purchased. Today was to be my first lesson to learn to work with pastels. An hour drive and with not knowing when we will once again have the ability to fill our gas tanks it was decided best to just cancel the appointment. Maybe will reschedule in the next few weeks. Since this gas shortage, the economy woes business has slowed down a bit....looks like I just may have some extra time on my hands to play around with pastels and some oil paint. I am thinking it will be a bit of a slow Holiday season. Please...when thinking of shopping support your local small business's whenever possible.

Rocky and I managed to have some fun without leaving our yard....a bit of agility, Frisbee and ball....then of course chewing on a few great sticks and then romping with his two best pals....of course my dentist does not allow me to chew on any sticks ;-)

I love to watch the interaction between the dogs...the way in which they communicate...their body language tells their tale. I have been thinking about adding another Golden to the pack. Poor Rocky...he so tries to play and rough house with the two little dogs and well....he is big and a bit too rough for them. So, we shall see if we find one that can fit into the pack. I am not in a rush....and the three get along so very nicely so I am not wanting to disrupt that.

Here we are late Sunday afternoon, Rocky at my feet taking a is just perfect ;-)


Anonymous said...

What a face! Like the little one going through the tire. Great images.

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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