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Monday, September 8, 2008


Rocky and my road less traveled kept us close to home this afternoon due to the passing storms. While I have yet to see rain....I heard the rumbling of thunder and saw a few bright lights in the sky. For both our safety thought it best to stick close to home. I do not like to be out and about when I notice lightning...pretty dangerous.


So, leash in hand, a few tasty treats in my pocket we set out on our adventure. It was pretty quiet for all of the neighborhood dogs must have been napping for no one barked at us. Nor did we run into any people....all the kids are back in school and everyone must be at work.

We did stop along the way to photograph the above Day Lily, and of course Rocky on leash.

Upon our arrival home we took a few minutes and rested....taking in the birds at the feeder....all the smells, sounds and sights in our front yard. Rocky is always ready to have his picture most Golden he is a bit of a ham ;-)

Also...I dusted off my box of pastels....had my book opened and decided I needed to start somewhere....boy, I really do not know what I am doing ;-) Add to the fact that I suck at this...oh and one more drawing skills.....well we shall see if I actually improve in time....or should I just stick with the digital art??
It just turns into a mess....even using the fixative.
I started out trying my best but then decided to just make a few scribble marks and call it a day. I think I will try this on different paper to learn the difference.

I signed up for a few private lessons with a local artist towards the end of the month...I was already informed I had the wrong paper. I have indeed purchased better paper but for practice now am working on the lesser quality paper for lets face it what I am producing is pretty horrible. Hopefully she will not wander to my site for she just may say there is little hope for improvement. The only thing that really keeps me going is that I was pretty bad with digital art when I started and I have seen improvements....time will tell.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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