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Saturday, September 27, 2008


As this week gas was very hard to come by in the Atlanta area Rocky and I stayed close to home. Today...some of the local gas stations had a bit of gas...only allowing you to purchase $10.00 worth. I thought we needed a little trip...not too far from home. Sadly, upon arriving at the Lake I noticed soooo many cars....usually no one there during the week so I was pretty surprised. Noticed a few signs and smiled....there was a boat race going on. Too many people, too many children running about. Rocky is a bit on the shy side and while I work with him and socialize him I did not see the need to put him in such a crazy place and stress him out. Peoples reaction to a Golden is always friendly...too friendly for they all think all Golden's are out going and friendly....not so. Just like people each one is an individual with likes and dislikes. Rocky would prefer people to keep their distance and allow him to decide if they can hug, pet him. Dogs are sooo much easier to teach then people ;-)

So, we drove around and ended up at Starbucks ( I love the chi tea....Rocky loves a tinnnny taste of whipped cream)). A few people came over and had the time to allow Rocky to warm up to them...they got to pet him....he was rewarded with lots of praise for his friendly behavior....Good Boy ;-) In this shopping center they had a nice grassy area in the middle with lots of flowers and great thing to sniff and explore. Dogs are so easy....this was a wonderful adventure in his bad we all cannot be like our dogs ;-)

If the gas stations actually get enough gas this week we will be heading back to the lake weather permitting. The water is always so very still.....if your lucky always a duck or two to help entertain Rocky...and me for a photo op is always appreciated.
Enjoy your weekend!!!!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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