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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walk for a Cause...

For those in the Atlanta area, mark your calendars for on April 25, 4 PM at Piedmont Park is the annual Walk for Lupus. I would like to post at this time that I will be attending, however this year I will be sitting this one out. I did however make my annual donation....please know you can make a donation (I made mine) or you can support a team, or an individual that is walking. If not in the Atlanta area just visit the Lupus Foundation site and check the dates for a city near you. Please do share this, even if you not int the Atlanta area, or even if this illness has not touched you in any way....if you read my blog...I have Lupus...there, you've been touched.

** Please know that more than 1.5 million Americans have Lupus.
** The effects on individuals with Lupus and thier families can be life diminishing, chronic and life threatening.
** Lupus is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed diseases, with no known cause.
** Presently, no cure or satisfactory treatment exists. there has been no new FDA approved drug for the treatment of lupus in 50 years.

I am not this body,

battered by disease.

I am not this body,

achy hips and knees.

I am not this body,

worn out from the fight.

I am not this body,

skin so pale and light.

I am not this body,

carrying this weight.

I am not this body,

with an unsteady gait.

I am not this body,

marked and scarred.

I am not this body,

that is forever marred.

I am not this body,

the reflection in the mirror.

I am not this body,

my truth I couldn't see clearer.

This poem was found on the web....Author kendra.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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