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Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrating...Six Months...

Finally a dry day...a bit overcast but oh how everything is green and lovely.

After several more days of rain...time for a nice long walk. Looking down at my hand and wondering if I should take the two Golden's together...a second later I have better judgment. Taking them one at a time is the best I can manage at the moment. My hand does not seem to be the weeks drag on I am amazed at the pain that it is still causing me. I know I should not be walking them at all for one pull can further damage it, but they must be walked, especially the pup.
I look over at them....clearly the most wild and hyper dog will be going first....Bailey. At this thought I smile....he is six months old today, gone are the puppy features...he was such an adorable puppy. Not yet full grown....short legged compared to his body.
His behavior....more like Dennis the Menace ;-)

He is so very inquisitive, enthusiastic....and yes....he loves to stir up excitement within his pack....and at this moment in time I am almost certain he believes his name to be No No Bad Dog!
There are moments of such's there...he has learned if he looks at you in such a way it will just melt your heart. if you have ever loved a know the look...head cocked at a slight angle....looking directly up at you...wide eyes, slight, oh so very slight goofy upper lip curl...they have learned with that one look you will pet, hug them, regardless to what your doing at that moment!

Bailey still seeks out the comfort of being near this point in time I am still so enjoying their relationship. Rocky...enjoys Bailey...simple. The other day I was busy, preoccupied....fed bailey lunch and then forgot about him in the crate. Funny how they learn certain things....I no doubt he would have eventually whined to let me know he was forgotten.....but they know they must be quiet to gain not a peep. Rocky on the other hand did all he could to get me to let Bailey out of the crate. The addition of Bailey to the pack has made Rocky such a happy Golden....someone to play with....and someone to annoy....non stop.
He has helped me to raise both good and bad ways ;-)

Funny how they know it is time for a walk....Bailey loves going out...even if you just take him to the mailbox, it's an adventure. I start our walks pretty much the same....with a purpose to burn off a little bit of energy...and a little bit of training. I am so saddened at the timing
with which my hand is bothering me....he is missing out on working around other dogs, people....being socialized....It annoys me to no end to have to admit I just cannot control him with the one hand. Oh....and they do so know when you are weak, both physically and mentally.
This in no way makes him a bad dog, just a normal six months old.

The beginning of our walk was normal....heel, sits, downs....a few stays....walking at a faster pace, then slower pace....once some energy was expelled we start walking the neighborhood, hoping to not encounter any loose dogs, and if so....that they are indeed friendly. I walk with a walking stick, and attached to my hip a can of citronella spray...both of which have been used in the past....I would prefer to not have the need to reach for either.
As we walk I can not help but chuckle for it has been a few days that we have had a good walk and everything....sights, sounds....smells,,,all seemed new to Bailey. Our pace is now slower as we were taking in our surroundings....there is a corner house in our neighborhood and there are multiple dogs always out in the yard, chain link fence. They bark and bark and today I notice Bailey's fur hackle up...give a look in their direction. I pause and make him pay attention to me....look in the direction of the other dogs....if they seemed agitated, or were growling and barking....running along the fence we would continue along our way so that we not cause any trouble within their pack. They were quieting down so I took the moment to work with Bailey....put him in a sit, down....and we then resumed our walk and once again my thoughts were on the fact he was six months old. Since the majority of dogs that have shared their lives with me were rescues....I did not know how old they were....guessing the age....not knowing a birth date. I will celebrate the fact he is six months, acknowledge, pay attention to his behavior for a six month of male Golden....whew so much energy....oh...and the trouble they can get into if your not paying attention....or for that matter acknowledge their age and the puppy development stages. So, at six months the hormones are kicking in....yes....for all those that are going to be concerned over the fact that Bailey is an intact puppy. He will indeed be neutered in time. At six months he is so very easily excited....I must say he does get easily over stimulated and while I would prefer for him to be a tad bit calmer we will work though this stage. It is the enthusiasm at this age that I so adore...and the fact that they are truly sponges soaking up all that goes on in their pack and in their environment. So yes, I will indeed acknowledge the fact he is six months old...we will celebrate with an extra game of fetch, just he and I...then play time with the pack...a pretty great six month old celebration ;-)



dolls like us said...

I loved watching your dogs play reminds me of my dogs when they were younger the old one is 12 years old now with a bad back and doesn't play much.

the road less traveled... said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment dolls like us. they age they tend to slow down. That is ok...I love to just sit an watch ;-)

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Gone but Never Forgotten
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