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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not a Rescue in the White House...

If you have watched the news the last few days I no doubt you have seen a pic or two of Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog. He is indeed a handsome pup...these are wonderful dogs that are lively, fun and active. Like ALL breeds of dogs training and adequate daily play is a must....nor are they for everyone....since not as popular as some breeds...well, hopefully they will stay that way. Keeping my fingers crossed !!!

In visiting a few forums, listening to a few friends that are active in rescue many are not happy about the arrival of Bo. Seems the first family should have gone to a shelter and rescued a dog. would have made great press but really, it is indeed a personal choice as to find a reputable breeder (soooo much easier said then done) or visit your local shelters.

I have rescued my entire life....last few years I have sought out breeders and purchased dogs....and I do NOT feel bad in doing so. Please know I am so very aware of the amount of animals euthanized on a daily basis in this country. I have saved more dogs in my life time then most I know....not looking for praise or pats on the back....just a fact. I dedicated my professional career to training dogs, helping humans better understand and communicate with their furry friends. You do have a choice and as long as you have researched the breed....researched the breeder....shelter and or rescue organization and are dedicated as a FAMILY (a pet should be added to the family as a family member....not for the children to care for, or to teach them responsibilities.....children learn by example).
In a perfect world .....Education during the time of acquiring a dog....breeders are indeed responsible for all of those puppies they create....soo too are the rescue organizations and local shelters that adopt out animals.

I assure you the Obama family is not responsible for all the dogs put to sleep in this country....nor was their choice to accept a dog as a gift a bad one. While I do not recommend giving animals as gifts....this is a family that was actively seeking this breed...and they could have easily said doubt looking into Bo's, indeed.
I do hope Bo teaches this family much, and vice a versa ;-)

If you are looking to add a furry friend to your family....please make sure you have the time to raise a dog. Daily training...please know that training a dog is a life style and is for the life of the dog. Research the breed of dog....breeder or shelter. The simple truth....not all of us should have and raise children let alone dogs...cats....hamsters, etc.

Just a couple of reasons dogs are given up on and re homed, placed in shelters....
Housetraining...sorry must teach the dog....oh, and even small dogs can be housetrained ;-)
Jumping on family members...easy to fix with proper daily play and exercise and of course training....consistency is indeed the key.
I personally believe if you bring a dog in your heart, home they are yours for must work through all issues and problems....which is why the research in breed, breeder, shelter or rescue organization is soooooo important.
To those that have noting better to do then criticize another for their choices....go volunteer you time in a shelter training those dogs....exercising those dogs...better yet, go train your own ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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