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Friday, April 24, 2009

You've got talent...

During a late dinner last night Michael and I sat at the dining room table discussing the days events as we both nibbled on our meal. Two golden's resting under the table, one eye open for you never know when a tasty morsel will tumble to the floor....Niki wandering about, Gemma napping without a care in the world.

Our conversation tuned to an interesting topic....talent. When I worked full time as a dog trainer most people would watch me work with their dog and they would was so "gifted" to have the ability to understand canines. The same with my camera.....then later with my painting....and now with writing a tale or two.
Talented/ Gifted are not words that I use....I remember so many years ago reading an article in a magazine about dog training...I gave it a try and could not believe how the relationship with my dog improved. I read every book on animal behavior...and with each dog that joined our pack....such wonderful teachers, they taught me well. Soon I was training other peoples dogs, teaching group classes....I worked did my dogs.

During group classes I started photographing students on graduation night....the camera just felt right in my hands. Soon flowers were my subjects....while I will photograph everything, anything if the lighting is wonderful... my true love is animals....domestic and wild. own little pack taught me well....for there is a little secret to getting the best shot.... patience.
You cannot rush the moment...the just happens naturally....if your patient. The same with painting...the life that you can create with your lines, must have the ability to look and see what is not so visible to most. My paintings are often time not the exact likeness of the interpretation....what I see.

I no doubt there are those that have chosen the very same journey as I and arrived so much faster, achieved so much more...I suppose.some do have an inner gift....but still their craft must be honed.
Along my journey my furry friends have been by my side every step of the teachers, as my subjects...and as students....and it all started with one dog, a magazine article and a lot of hard work....still ;-)



Alustryl said...

It does indeed take an awful lot of hard work and study to be so very good with dogs, great amounts of patience as well. I think some have an innate leadership quality that dogs, and people too, respond to quickly and well. Perhaps it is difficult for you to see in yourself, that innate quality that makes you a leader and a learner.

the road less traveled... said...

Now...yes, when I
Years of experience...learning along the way that the ability to "watch" and listen and treat each dog as an individual is so very important ;-)

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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