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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Times like these...

The past few weeks has found either Michael or myself at the veterinarian clinic with one of the dogs.
When you share your heart and home with more then one pet there will indeed be times like these.
First it was Montana (whoops....Rocky, funny how we never really stop thinking about our beloved pets that are deceased, Montana dies a few years ago) with the upper respiratory cough....then Niki with her UTI.
Due to the fact she is partially paralyzed she is just prone to them. As I am here a good bit of the time, by keeping the bladder empty...and keeping her clean is really the only way to prevent them. Still....every once in a while one will occur. Catching them in the early stages of course is key. While out with her about a week ago I was emptying her bladder (yep, she needs assistance to empty her bladder) I noticed a bit of blood. No other symptoms....just the blood and then within a day...while urine does not have a pleasant odor, when there is an infection present....phew.
The docs are always surprised when they examine her....for she truly is the little dog that could!

During her examination the vet looked at her teeth....little dog teeth. I put off her cleaning long enough, so after this round of antibiotics...and our upcoming trip to the beach she will be getting her teeth cleaned. I have never seen such bad teeth on a dog....not really sure why as she is a chewer and we do brush her teeth. Not sure how such a little dog can be soooo adorable and have such stinky breath, and bad teeth. No doubt genetics.

Not yet finished with her round of anti biotic's when I notice Bailey having the occasional bout of Diarrhea. Yesterday found me making a batch of basmati rice (smells so good) and cooking some chop meat. With held his breakfast.....dinner was the rice/ chop meat. This morning some Flint River and the rice mixture was breakfast, same for dinner.
So far so good, though we shall give this a couple of days.
He will ingest everything and anything...with all of the rain we have had here in GA as of late I no doubt that is the problem.

Let me tell you it is not easy to not feed a golden....
As I was doing the breakfast dishes he sat next to me and leaned against me just looking up at me with those brown eyes. Following me....while this is not at all unusual behavior, part of a Golden's charm is that they are ALWAYS with you. This type of following....having to lean on, touch....stare at....through you.
Once he realized there would be no food what could he do....
He finally wandered over to Rocky's crate....looked in for Rocky was napping....ever so gently entered, turned around, one last look in my direction....gently laid down next to Rocky and napped.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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