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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow on an April Spring Day...

his morning a Golden woke me with a poke of his nose, then a growl....then another....then two more. I was slow to rise for just about every joint, muscle and tendon the end it was my hands which got my attention. The left so sore and painful, the right just a hint of very similar to how the left started.

I went in search of slippers....sharing your life with two Goldens your guaranteed to wake and walk barefoot for your slippers are never where you left them the night before ;-)
This morning...well let me just say I no doubt they will eventually turn up!
Dogs do indeed have a sense of humor and it matters very little to them how often I threaten to sell them off on e-bay if they hide my slippers one more is the same ritual each morning. Just a little thing we share together!
I put on my fancy yellows crocs (a fashion statement for sure) and out in the cold...windy air we go.
It is a bit overcast and I cannot help but think that the weather forecast is indeed correct in that a cold front moved in. The cold air and wind just made me ache more so I hurried the dogs up and we retreated back in the warm house.

Once in, I filled the tea kettle with water and just longed to wrap my sore hands around the warmth of the cup. A little breakfast so a few anti-inflammatory can be taken....another cup of tea and I found myself wandering into my office, sitting in front of the Mac, hands wrapped around the tea cup cup. I noticed the sun peaking through here and there....birds feeding at the feeders...I wondered if I should skip the blog today...clearly I should not be typing. A few sips of tea and I once again focused on my hands...the what know if two hands are in splints who will do my hair...and of course a few more personal things with which we each do throughout the day using our hands without ever a thought!
Who will walk the dogs, groom the dogs...those what if's.

I turned my gaze out the window and I saw what I at first thought was rain....then I really looked....yep snow. Snow in April....and the sun was shinning....the dogs and I rush outside and I extend my hand and catch a few tiny was then I realized I was smiling. First smile of the sooner did the snow stopped, sun once again disappeared behind the clouds. We retreated back into the house, me to my office where I am once again sitting in front of the Mac....with a smile on my face I start typing for the blog about the cold front that moved through GA on a spring day. I am also thinking how I could have easily gotten so lost in my pain and discomfort that I could have missed the sun/ snow shower...and so, the day begins and I resume my daily tasks without skipping a beat!!!

Spring was here not long ago, with days so warm and nice
But then it yielded to the snow and also to the ice
My tree is sparkling with the jewels that hang upon the limbs
But with the weight of dripping ice my tree begins to bend
The buds were bursting forth to bring the flowers to the tree
But now the ice has captured them,….when will it set them free?
I’m longing for those purple flowers to grace my little friend
But now I fear they won’t appear,…when will this winter end?
We need the moisture that is true, but could it come when it was due?
I guess that I am feeling blue,… because I wanted flowers too
But Spring is there beneath the veil, and God’s good plan it will prevail
In His good time He’ll lift that veil, and send the flowers over hill and dell
The earth will warm, the birds will sing, the bees will buzz, and honey bring
And then my heart will happily sing the song of gladness over Spring
So today, with Winter’s blast, I’ll look for beauty too
Then snow will cease, the ice will melt, and Spring comes into view
The warmer days they will return and Spring will come again
The moisture that this storm has brought will then become my friend
Today I view it as my foe, but my vision isn’t true
The Lord knows what we need and then He gives it to us too.
The seasons as they come and go each bring their special gifts
This final Winter storm is bringing needed moisture with it’s drifts
Why do I fret and worry so when God is in control?
I guess it is because I am a fragile mortal soul
But our Creator knows what’s best, the blessings He will bring
And yes, when Winter shuts it’s door, God opens it to Spring!
Written by: Linda Hogeland



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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