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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

They like it Ruff...

With the time change we have enjoyed late in the day extra then they are used to...lucky dogs.

Even with all the ball toss they so want to play rough. Before Rocky's neck issues a good wrestle match was a fun thing to do, though Bailey gets very rough. A bit of a bully...has to have all of the toys...hogs everything and plays rough.
Though they still so want to wrestle, I must put a stop to it to prevent any damage to Rocky's neck and spine. this is not to say that every once in a while they mix it up before I stop it. They like it times!

I have mentioned before that the majority of my dogs have been rescues...except for Bailey and Rocky. I am often asked if there are any benefit's to rescue vs. purchasing...of course rescuing is wonderful. The majority of dogs that I rescued were from my dog training days and I must tell you that many had serious behavioral issues that required some work....all in all every dog that came into my home remained in our home...happy, respected and so very much loved.

I am not at all suggesting all rescues will come with issues...there are wonderful dogs to be adopted...healthy, happy dogs....though it will be up to you to train the dogs once in your home...same as with getting a pup through a breeder...the training part, that is up to you. In a perfect world those that foster the dogs would take the time to train them as well...many just do not due to lack of knowledge, time and some will foster two three dogs at one their own....lots of work. At least the dogs are safe.

Some wonder if I feel "quilty" after all these years of now purchase dogs. Nope...not at all. Currently there are four in the pack....two are rescues. If I am blessed to live a long life....and continue to work at training, grooming and caring for them I will always have a rescue or two in the pack.

If deciding to add a puppy, or adult dog to your family and not sure if you should adopt or find a breeder I can only share my experiences with you. Reputable breeders are not easy to find....most talk the talk....but sadly, they do not have the breeds best interest at heart...they do not walk the walk. Those "discounted" pups found in the careful my dear friends and make sure you are not purchasing pups from a puppy broker or puppymill. Breeders that are selling several breeds of dogs should be a red flag and you should run in the other direction.

Poor Rocky, who has had one health issue after the just not a structurally sound dog...I would not recommend this breeder. When Rocky turned two and time for another Golden to be added I had been looking through rescue. As I had three dogs in the pack I needed to take all dogs temperament, personalities into consideration...especially that of little Niki's physical condition. I was not looking to purchase another Golden...learned of a breeder with pups almost ready to go to their forever homes...Bailey was added.

There is no right or wrong...though with are indeed saving a life......both require homework on your part to find a pup or dog that will fit into your family and as your and your families lifestyle. Once a dog is brought into your heart and home it should be for life!

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. - M. Facklam



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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