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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is love enough...

I remember well the first dog I brought into my very own dog. I was about 18-19 or so. Tasha...a lovely pup...a women I worked with was giving them away. She bred Huskies and let the dogs out back...unsupervised and low and behold...a male...mixed breed was in the area and jumped the fence. Not what this breeder had in young as I was I thought this person to not be the brightest light on the tree. You may very well be thinking that just a tad bit harsh of me....I mean should not leave your female that is in heat outside unsupervised. Many years later I am happy to opinion has not at all changed. Leaving your dogs intact is a huge responsibility that one should take serious.

I remember chatting with the breeder when I picked Tash up to bring her home...she had four adult dogs...I asked why she was breeding....her reply was that she loved her dogs and she loved the breed. She let the dogs go to their forever home too young....she never really asked me how Tasha was tid bits of information to share. She just wanted the pups gone....guess her love did not extend to the puppies.

I was young and had not yet learned to speak out...though no doubt she would not have listened for so many of us are incapable of seeing the big many of us do not care.

Like so many that breed, those who want puppies and decide to add one to their families I always wonder why so many of us are so very selfish? I remember well the days that I was training...I met so many that as families took care of the new furry addition to the family. Took the time to research before adding the dog....had the time to spend with the pup...enrolled in puppy classes and continued with training during the first few years of the dogs life. When done is a wonderful sight to behold.

Then of course there were those individuals that never take the time...profess their love for the dog but never spend any time with them. The excuse I am busy, I work late...and often complain about the dogs behavior....asking for help and telling anyone, everyone who will listen they just do not have the time. Some of these dogs are banished to the yard for the day....some are left in their crates for 8 or more hours during the day. Some....well some are given away, some end up at the local shelters, pounds...some are run over for they have escaped out of the house, gotten out of the yard.

I know...yes we all have to work and earn a living. I am not at all suggesting we all be tethered to our dogs 24/7...but our dogs do have needs. Mental stimulation, daily and of course training....and of course all the love and hugs you can manage.

So many of us profess our love for our pets but...I wonder is love really enough?

I know I am a tad bit protective of my pups. I do not leave them in the yard unsupervised....I have learned to do so your dogs can get into much trouble. Ingesting anything they run across....oh and the fun thing....then vomiting it up on your carpet. Digging, destruction in the yard. Not to mention in many areas dogs are stolen from yards....or they can get out and roam. Left unsupervised our pups can get into all sorts of trouble. does not have to have the best trained dog, however the basics should be taught to all dogs.

Love....yes, do love your dogs...but respect them as well....keep them safe and know...once you bring a dog into your life you have many years of caring for the dog. Please...Please do think before adding a pet to your family.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.



Jennifer Morrison - A Fine Artist said...

Oh, so sweet! We have a Golden Retriever, too.. They are so sweet, truly the best dog we've ever had. I have a Silky Terrier, too. She is my beloved shadow, but naughty!! LOL!!

the road less traveled... said...

Thanks for visiting Jennifer. A Golden and a Silky...two wonderful breeds ;-)

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Gone but Never Forgotten
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