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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spoiled dogs...

I exchanged messages and talked to a few friends today that were a bit angry at their dogs for having done things that were deemed unacceptable behavior.

Sure none of us wants a dog that has accidents in the my case there is Niki and at times she cannot help it. That she actually does so well is totally amazing due to the fact that she is partially paralyzed. For her it is all about muscle memory and the fact that we get her out so much throughout the continually working with the "potty" command has been very helpful.

Still...I am human and yes, I have at times lost my patience with with the others. Of course it is very short canines friends have indeed taught me a thing or two and one is get over yourself. Growl and let it go!

My dogs are pretty well spoiled. I mean really...their life span is not as long and....have you really looked at their faces, I'm pretty sure you would spoil them as well!

As spoiled as they are...they do have to work so they actually earn their lifestyle ;-) Their jobs....oh easy rough housing on furniture (of course many people prefer that their dogs not have access to furniture) wrestling in the house... Commands are practiced throughout the day....down for feedings, sit and calm for going outside....potty destructive behavior, etc.

Wanted behavior must be taught...and yes....lots of praise so that they know they are doing a good job. Communication is the key.

As we bring these pups into our hearts and home do take the time to teach wanted behavior.
If we do not take the time to teach...give proper DAILY....there I have said it...they need daily can we possibly get angry at them for doing what dogs is never to late to teach an old dog new tricks....oh and by all means...spoil them a bit.


Zel said...

I love that story , love the video about "spoiled dogs" and - most of all, I love your love to life <3

the road less traveled... said...

Zel...this is very strange for it has been saying there was a comment, however it was not showing. it is. As always, Thank You for visiting and a big Thank You for taking the time to leave a comment ;-)

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Gone but Never Forgotten
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