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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Moving....lots of work. I am still divided in two...some stuff here, some stuff there. As packages arrive, boxes....I have been slowly going through and among one was a photo card from a vacation several years ago to Edisto Beach. We rented a lovely beach house and brought the the time there were five in the pack. Good memories.

In my adult life I have shared my life with a good number of dogs. I am often asked which one has been my favorite...I start thinking back and smiling....naming names and special memories...until I have named all of them. I have had no favorites...each one earning my love, respect...and devotion.

Each... different in temperament and personality. All were rescues (except for Rocky & Bailey)...a few fearful...a few aggressive....a few just a tad bit wild. All required training, time and patience and love.

Have you had a favorite?

Below are just a couple of images from my Edisto Beach vacation....very dog freindly (dog must be leashed on the beach). the two Goldens have since died...both...just a couple of my favorites!

Mikey was a rescue...loved the water, wet sand...first time at the beach.
Phoenix and Niki...lovely Phoeny ever faithful furry friend, so full of fun and life.

How could I post without something about Rocky & Baily...just a little video of dogs doing what dogs do!


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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