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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I remember...

Several weeks ago I ran across a wonderful site called the East NY Project.
As I went through the site I could not help but smile...being familiar with so many of the locations, neighborhoods and recognizing a few of the names found throughout the site. Thought I would look through my belongings and see if I could find a few images that I could contribute. Easier said then done for my pictures are here, there and every where. I am at the moment scattered between two states.

Looking at the two school pictures one cannot help but wonder what happened to all of those faces. I remember having a little crush on one of those little boys, I remember one glorious fall day Sally and I (she lived on the corner of Ridgewood and Linwood) making piles of the fallen leaves and jumping in them....I remember not liking one of the little boys....he was day his home went on fire...they lost everything....I remember bringing cloths and canned goods to school for his family...I remember so many children bringing toys, cloths, food... I do not remember him ever being mean again.

I remember sitting out on the stoop with the elderly family next door sipping lemonade and listening to all of the wonderful stories they would share with me....I remember hot summer days, Nick the ice cream man pulling up in the little ice cream van...I remember what fun it was to run through the open hydrants...the monkey bars and swings in HP. I remember having lunch in the large cemetery...peaceful, green open space...I remember leaving little stones on the head stones of grave sites that appeared unvisited... I remember climbing the mail box and sitting high....I remember stick ball, stoop ball, double dutch and hop scotch. I remember block parties, soda fountains, chocolate cream soda...I remember the best pizza...ever!

I remember a skinny, odd little girl that was terribly shy...always wore a silly grin on her face....loved to visit the library and read...I know what became of her ;-)
Hopefully others will run across the East NY Project site and share their stories and pictures!

The video below is just another day in the neighborhood...
The dogs doing what they do best ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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