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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Dogs Day...

Oct. 2...a very special day for my little pack...Bailey's first Birthday.
A pups first year....everything is so new, wonderful.
Baileys first year has been so well documented and I have put together a little slide show. he has been a wonderful addition to our pack and special Thanks goes out to his breeder!

For those that find it strange that some of us celebrate our beloved furry friends birthdays...Think about this...
their life span is so very short....but yet they live each day to the fullest. Having shared my life over the years with several wonderful canine companions....those of which I had no idea how old they were...let alone their birth date...lived...loved, shared each day with me...they gave 110 % each day...then each....from illness or old age, passed away.

As I mature, yes indeed... each day is a celebration....but to actually know what date they were born....well yes. I will take the time to acknowledge, celebrate.

Of course a cake was made....very simple....flour, honey, peanut butter, cinnamon, carrots, egg (recipe can be found on my facebook page, to the right click on Become a Fan then go visit the page for the recipe). Topping...ours was whipped cream....however you can make it with cream cheese...oh, this can be eaten by all in the pack...canines and people.

We actually took Bailey outside alone to give him his cake....oh do not feel bad about the others....they were in their crates enjoying a nice slice...yummy.
Bailey is a funny dog when it comes to his food....not at all aggressive in any way...just slow, especially with something new.
So very different from Rocky, and the others Goldens who inhaled their food.

We have so enjoyed watching Bailey grow...we have enjoyed watching the relationships in the pack...especially that of Rocky and Baileys. They are a prefect fit and enjoy one another to the fullest!!!!

If you take the time to view the slide show below, make you turn off the volume to the the right, scroll down to Dee's Play list.

Happy Birthday sweet Bailey ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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