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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Through a dogs eye's...

The other day during the cooler part of the day found me sitting in the shady part of the yard. After some fetch, some fun with the hose the dogs were off doing their thing. Golden's were busy rolling in the grass, the two females were closer to the fence...keeping an eye on things. Me....I was relaxing and watching. Wondering what the dogs were seeing....wishing for just a moment I could see through a dogs eyes....

Several birds could be seen walking around the two females have boundary's....if the birds get to close and they have not been around before...they must be chased away.
One bird can be seen on the fountain in the lake. S/he can be found almost on a daily basis, same time doing exactly the same thing....taking a shower...a rather long one at that. Then a few swims around the lake...always to the same spot where the wings are spread out...motionless...sunning and drying all those feathers.

The squirrels were busy in the trees behind the fence squawking away. I had the feeling they were directing their protests in our direction as there was fresh bird feed in the feeders. Time for an afternoon snack.

I noticed Gemma taking it all in....front paws crossed....ready to relax, but yet ready for some excitement. I could not help but smile as I watched her....we humans just cannot see the pleasure in chasing squirrels...but after all, it is her job and she is very good at it. One very daring squirrel made to the top of the wood fence and took a few steps before Gemma, then Niki were off and running. Poor squirrel....will just have to be patient to get a few bites to eat....not when the females are on duty!

Gemma knows all to well that if she spies the UPS truck, Garbage truck, when she barks, growls....she chases them away. This she has learned over the very rewarding to be that good at something.
For some reason she takes some time off when the lawn maintenance crew is here...the lawn is cut on a weekly basis and she remains quiet...just ignoring their presence. Early on she did her best to chase them...I would have to say she really gave it her all. Barking through the glass only to have them wave over at her....I mean disrespectful.
So...she now she just ignores them.

The neighbors....well she Never allows them on her property. She will take a stance at the fence, lean forward and doing this she can keep them across the street. She has fine tuned and honed this skill. Yes, through a dogs eyes the world is so very different.


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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