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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Dog...

Time has gone by way too quickly.
It feels as though just yesterday I was making my way north to pick up my furry little....yes little, puppy Bailey.

Two years....two years old. He is a Big Dog now....still, such a puppy spirit. While it may seem crazy to some...we did take the time to acknowledge his special day. Lots of pampering and hugs throughout the day. An adventure out and about. and a little more play!
Pup muffin recipe:

What would a Birthday celebration be without a cake...or in bailey's case...Pup Muffins. Made with baby food (beef, thank you very much) stuffed with a Bi Jac treat. Paw lickin good!

Oh and Birthday hats...all birthday dogs should be made to wear one...oh and of course their friends as well...what good sports they are for they left them on while I was baking the pup muffins.

All in all....a great day. An adventure, play, presents...pup muffins and all the hugs he could handle...oh, yep...a couple of presents as well.
All four dogs are sound a sleep, no doubt dreaming of play, presents and pup muffins.

Fun was had by all!

Happy Birthday Bailey ;-)


Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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