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Friday, April 23, 2010

Is it time yet...

It is true....dogs can indeed tell time, as do they make wonderful Human Trainers. They can communicate getting their point across without making a sound....are you listening?

In our home, it is Rocky and Niki that will inform you that it is getting close to feeding time. Even during a time change they still are very much aware of feeding time. They are both annoying and pitiful at the same time as they seek out getting your attention by staring at you...that look, that look that says..."I'm starving....pleazzzzzzze feed me". When that does not work Rocky will...just to seal the deal...knowing I will indeed spring into action, get into something.

If something like shoes or slippers are around he will carry them.......well ok, it is more like prancing around. If no shoes or slippers are around, no worries, he will just go into the closet and help himself. Does not sound too bad does it....
but I did not yet mention the water.
The above is done usually after having taken a drink of water for they learn early on just how fun it is when their people put their feet into wet slippers/shoes.

Gemma and Bailey....not as important to be annoying over food. Oh, don't get me wrong...they look forward to feeding is just not as important to them to remind me. They know a meal will not be missed....also, the other two are just soooo good at it....they are smart enough to just let them do the work.
A pack working in harmony!

When the water bowls are is Niki and Bailey that will tell you. Subtle little signs...standing in front of you....Niki...licking, licking, Bailey poking you with his nose, attempting to jump up into your lap....I mean really....the bowls have been low on water....or empty for all of 2 seconds, clearly they are just parched!
As any well trained humans would, I fill the bowls.

Play times....well that is all Bailey. He knows when it is play time and frolics about until all are ready to go. Oh...and that shoe thing I mentioned above....yep, he does it. thank goodness he has not yet learned the water trick.

If a day goes by without a walk, the next day he will be searching for his leash....hanging out in the laundry room (lr)....any move I make, he is off into the lr...hoping, wishing that this time, his leash and collar will be placed on him and out the door we will go.

During the course of the day we have numerous outings in the yard...something they so look forward to. All four are not at all shy if they feel as though not enough time was spent taking in all of the sights, sounds and smells.

When they hear "Inside"...well inside means inside! All come in willingly having enjoyed the outing. However...There are those occasions....maybe due to my schedule or the weather when....mutany....or temporary insanity....but each remain in their spot ignoring me as if they have no idea what I am talking about. These are indeed rare occasions, however when they occur I pay attention. Though I do enforce the "Inside"...another outing is scheduled and they get their much needed outside time.

While most think I just sit in my home playing with the dogs, or painting, photographing subjects and objects I assure you, I actually do at times leave. When I do of course the dogs can tell the difference in the way I get ready. A big sign is the hair dryer...I rarely use it unless heading out. They have the ability to "read" everything I do....the shoes I put on... they know slippers and crocs are inside or yard shoes only, all other shoes means leaving, getting in the car and driving away.

Their response...they kennel up without being told...well Rocky does not. he is under the very strong opinion that he should accompany me everywhere. I would happen to agree, however most local businesses object to canines on the premises. Rocky must be told to kennel up. Upon my return home, they remain calm and quiet and all are released from the crates...happy to once again be a pack.

Leaving the house to run out to the mailbox, or water the potted plants and flowers....well ....upon my return into the house Bailey is so excited....any toy that is about must be picked up so that he can bark, growl....wiggling about....even though I was only gone for five minutes...and he was watching from the window.

They have done a wonderful job for I am indeed a well trained human. Of course it is a mutual understanding and communication that as a pack we live by. We get one another...we are a pack living in harmony.

What have your furry Friends taught you?



Zel said...

Well, my pets taught me to be always disposable for them.
But, in return, they regulary listen to my signals and try to obey them.
( it is some kind of a deal ,lol )

As usual,love your story, Dee.

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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